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Meet Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Organic Skincare Formulator, Colleen Sinclair

Addressing whole body wellness using Holistic Nutrition, a Holistic Lifestyle and Clean Skincare is how she has helped many achieve relief from their symptoms.

Client Reviews

Colleen has changed my life in big ways and all for the better. Her hands on, tailored approach really catered to my individual needs and circumstances. Her passion for and commitment to nutrition, well-being, and helping others is clear from the start, which inspires trust and confidence in her methods. Because of working with Colleen, I now have the ability to improve my health conditions using a nutrition-based, holistic approach. I went from having painful intestinal issues practically daily to being freed of the shackles of that chronic pain. I have also been able to reduce the number of prescriptions I take. Now I am able to identify what my particular body needs me to avoid and needs me to feed it so it can thrive. I finally have the knowledge base, kitchen skills, and help from personalized supplements my body needs, which combined provide me the tools I needed to take the reins with my health. My leaky gut is healing! I honestly probably recall a lesson I learned from her each and every time I shop for groceries. I feel like Colleen gave me power, she empowered me to affect positive change in my health. She’ll help you become the best version of yourself.

Love you!!



I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND, to anyone, to use Siphon Draw Nutrition. About a year ago, I started working with Colleen to improve my health through nutrition. I have a rare inflammatory disease, and I wanted to try to control it more by controlling my diet. I was overwhelmed, and had no idea where to begin. I’d be lying if I said there weren’t a few times I cried in the grocery store due to the new restrictions I had (dairyfree, gluten free, sugar free), but Colleen made it way more manageable and less overwhelming. I was able, with the help of Colleen, to not only find new, amazing meals, but also replace staples in my and my family’s household with healthier, gf/df alternatives. She also recommended high quality supplements to pair with my changing diet. It took some learning, and getting used to, but again, she made learning a lot less overwhelming.

In the first 4 months of changing how I ate, a lot of my health issues had improved. I was no longer anemic, my cholesterol went from high to normal, and my ferrtin rate was less (what is used to measure inflammation in the blood). And I was able to eliminate pharmaceuticals I took for those issues. I had also been overweight my entire life, despite being athletic/active. I had always just chalked it up to genetics. After changing how I eat, I lost 50 pounds in the first 4 months, and 70 total. Much of that was from places on my body, that no matter how much I worked out and targeted those areas, I’d never be able to tone them before (it was inflammation). The best improvement was my energy level. I had always had issues with having peaks and valleys throughout the day with my energy. Since changing my overall nutrition, my energy level has been higher, and way more consistent. Having a rare disease, and being chronically ill, requires me to have blood work done every 3 months. My rheumatologist was impressed by the overall Improvement in my blood work in such a short time. I am not medication free, but I am a lot less dependent on medication for quality of life. I look forward to continuing to work with Colleen to further improve my health, and reach my evolving health goals.

Again, I’d highly recommend Siphon Draw Nutrition to anyone looking to improve not only their nutrition, but their overall quality of life.

Kathleen M.

Colleen has been in my life as a friend for almost 15 years.  She became my nutritional consultant in 2017.  It was a very low point for me.  I was obese, unhealthy, and unhappy.  I followed her advice about diet and had noticeable results.  But there was so much more than weight loss.  She incorporated a whole lifestyle change to include supplements for balance.  That really seems to be the key.  Balance.  Through my work with Colleen, I have lost weight, experienced beautiful skin for the first time in my life, and come to appreciate all the natural things available for mind, body, and spirit.

Destiny Markham MSW, LMSW, BHP
During the summer of 2013 I experienced a traumatic event that at first I did not deal with in a healthy way. After nine months of struggling with PTSD I decided to get my life in order and am certain that I am a better person today with the life choices I have since made. My wife, Colleen Sinclair was by my side through the struggles with unconditional love. She led me, most often while I was resisting, towards a healthier lifestyle. The foods I choose to eat are different now, my portion sizes are smaller. I lost 30 pounds and the weight has stayed off. I take the proper supplements my body needs to thrive. I am more mindful and utilize meditation, yoga, exercise and an infrared sauna. The things I do have changed as well as the way I feel. If Colleen can do all this for her uncompliant, resistant, stressed out husband, I am certain she can help you.
Mr. Sinclair
I’ve been working with Colleen from Siphon Draw Nutrition for ten weeks.  I came to her with a list of issues and a main goal of losing weight.  I wanted to tackle this goal by getting to a sustainable healthy diet that allows for indulgences.
We’ve added and changed supplements, done a food sensitivity test, started intermittent fasting and started a personalized diet based on my health needs, food sensitivities and goals.  It has been very challenging making all of the changes necessary to get back to health.  Colleen has been there with me every step of the way, guiding me, listening to my concerns, helping me understand what we’re doing and why.
Along with our one on one sessions, there are weekly Q&A sessions that provide additional information.  I’ve learned a lot from these sessions.  There have been lectures, overview of eating styles and vitamins, open question sessions, recipes, yoga, workouts and meditation.  There’s also a Facebook group just for clients!
In our time of working together my digestion has improved, my stomach feels amazing, my skin has cleared up and I’ve lost twenty pounds!  Colleen gives me the credit for this success, but I couldn’t have done this without her support and guidance.  I also would never have made these changes if I wasn’t working with someone that really cares about and believes in what she’s doing.  Colleen is 100% committed to helping people heal themselves through proper diet, nutrition, body movement and self care.
Be sure to begin working with Colleen with an open mind.  This requires mental, physical and lifestyle changes.  It can be challenging and even frustrating.  This is the ultimate putting yourself first!!!  If you work through the program Colleen puts together for you, I believe you’ll meet your goals, but more importantly, you’ll believe that a healthy lifestyle is not only attainable but something you’ll want for yourself once you feel this good!!!
Gwen Steponya
When I contacted Colleen, my son was having constant headaches, stomachaches, diarrhea, dark circles under his eyes as well as loss of appetite. Colleen walked me through the process, made recommendations for what would be best for my son, and continued to help after his results came in. She gave me insight on what supplements to give him that would help heal his gut as well as what kinds of foods to use as substitutes for the things he couldn’t have. It’s been six months since he was tested and I can finally say, I have a healthy kid! No more stomach aches, headaches, bowel issues, and dark circles. He’s regained his appetite and is now eating regular meals! Testing him was the best decision ever! I’m so grateful for Colleen and all of her knowledge.
Meghan Cline

Not only is Colleen extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and the benefits of holistic treatment, but she is one of the most awesome coaches I have ever met. I put off meeting with her because of my past experiences with Doctors and Nutritionists. I wish now I had worked with her sooner. I cannot say enough positive things about her. If you are on the fence, let me tell you to just jump over! You will not regret it and you will begin a journey to a better, healthier life.


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