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Testimonials from Nutrition Clients

"I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND, to anyone, to use Siphon Draw Nutrition. About a year ago, I started working with Colleen to improve my health through nutrition. I have a rare inflammatory disease, and I wanted to try to control it more by controlling my diet. I was overwhelmed, and had no idea where to begin. I'd be lying if I said there weren't a few times I cried in the grocery store due to the new restrictions I had (dairyfree, gluten free, sugar free), but Colleen made it way more manageable and less overwhelming. I was able, with the help of Colleen, to not only find new, amazing meals, but also replace staples in my and my family's household with healthier, gf/df alternatives. She also recommended high quality supplements to pair with my changing diet. It took some learning, and getting used to, but again, she made learning a lot less overwhelming.

In the first 4 months of changing how I ate, a lot of my health issues had improved. I was no longer anemic, my cholesterol went from high to normal, and my ferrtin rate was less (what is used to measure inflammation in the blood). And I was able to eliminate pharmaceuticals I took for those issues. I had also been overweight my entire life, despite being athletic/active. I had always just chalked it up to genetics. After changing how I eat, I lost 50 pounds in the first 4 months, and 70 total. Much of that was from places on my body, that no matter how much I worked out and targeted those areas, I'd never be able to tone them before (it was inflammation). The best improvement was my energy level. I had always had issues with having peaks and valleys throughout the day with my energy. Since changing my overall nutrition, my energy level has been higher, and way more consistent. Having a rare disease, and being chronically ill, requires me to have blood work done every 3 months. My rheumatologist was impressed by the overall Improvement in my blood work in such a short time. I am not medication free, but I am a lot less dependent on medication for quality of life. I look forward to continuing to work with Colleen to further improve my health, and reach my evolving health goals. Again, I'd highly recommend Siphon Draw Nutrition to anyone looking to improve not only their nutrition, but their overall quality of life."

- Kathleen M.

"Colleen has been in my life as a friend for almost 15 years. She became my nutritional consultant in 2017. It was a very low point for me. I was obese, unhealthy, and unhappy. I followed her advice about diet and had noticeable results. But there was so much more than weight loss. She incorporated a whole lifestyle change to include supplements for balance. That really seems to be the key. Balance. Through my work with Colleen, I have lost weight, experienced beautiful skin for the first time in my life, and come to appreciate all the natural things available for mind, body, and spirit."

- Destiny Markham MSW, LMSW, BHP

"Colleen has changed my life in big ways and all for the better. Her hands on, tailored approach really catered to my individual needs and circumstances. Her passion for and commitment to nutrition, well-being, and helping others is clear from the start, which inspires trust and confidence in her methods. Because of working with Colleen, I now have the ability to improve my health conditions using a nutrition-based, holistic approach. I went from having painful intestinal issues practically daily to being freed of the shackles of that chronic pain. I have also been able to reduce the number of prescriptions I take. Now I am able to identify what my particular body needs me to avoid and needs me to feed it so it can thrive. I finally have the knowledge base, kitchen skills, and help from personalized supplements my body needs, which combined provide me the tools I needed to take the reins with my health. My leaky gut is healing! I honestly probably recall a lesson I learned from her each and every time I shop for groceries. I feel like Colleen gave me power, she empowered me to affect positive change in my health. She'll help you become the best version of yourself."

- Love you!! XO Lesley/Wendy

"When I contacted Colleen, my son was having constant headaches, stomachaches, diarrhea, dark circles under his eyes as well as loss of appetite. Colleen walked me through the process, made recommendations for what would be best for my son and continued to help after his results came in. She gave me insight on what supplements to give him that would help heal his gut as well as what kinds of foods to use as substitutes for the things he couldn’t have.

It’s been six months since he was tested and I can finally say, I have a healthy kid! No more stomach aches, headaches, bowel issues and dark circles. He’s regained his appetite and is now eating regular meals! Testing him was the best decision ever! I’m so grateful for Colleen and all of her knowledge."

- Meghan Cline

Our Happy Apothecary Clients

  • positive review So ive been working insane hours at my dental office due to COVID and so Iwash my hands all the time as well as use hand sanitizer regularly on and off the clock. So my hands are heckin dry. And I generally have very oil skin everywhere, so dry hands is a newer concept for me. Anyways along with EVERY OTHER product Ive ever tried, the defender hand sanitizer is my go to... read more

    Tierney R. Avatar
    Tierney R.

    positive review Just got my first order in recently and I'm very satisfied! I've already used a shower bomb, tea, and honey- love them! also I loveeeeee the lip balm. I'll definitely be back. ❣️😁

    Jessica M. Avatar
    Jessica M.

    positive review I purchased the coconut bar soap for my daughter in January. She has several allergies and sensitivities. We are able to wash her from head to toe with it and her curly hair is just beautiful. No conditioner even needed. Never a rash. So glad I found you page, I'm making an order right now for more!

    Jacalyn W. Avatar
    Jacalyn W.
  • positive review Awesome products! Great customer service! I love everything I ordered! 😄

    Cynthia D. Avatar
    Cynthia D.

    positive review It is a great apothecary in Apache Junction AZ because the staff there are so knowledgeable.

    Sandra R. Avatar
    Sandra R.

    positive review Amazing scents and healthy healing!!

    Dede D. Avatar
    Dede D.
  • positive review Wonderful place to purchase organic items for personal detoxing, customer service is knowledgeable and are very familiar with the product and So Helpful. Products are well researched with care.

    Gucci H. Avatar
    Gucci H.

    positive review I use their Creosote salve on my psoriasis areas. It works wonders in healing the damage I’ve caused by scratching and even helps relieve itch!

    Jessica P. Avatar
    Jessica P.

    positive review Loved this little shop! And really enjoyed the prickly pear soap I bought. It is awesome!

    Stacy A. Avatar
    Stacy A.
  • positive review I live in Florida but my Sister lives in Mesa & I've been using their products for about 5 years, Always have to make a trip to Ghost Town! Just ordered on line for the first time & loved that there was no shipping & they also added a free gift to my order! Awesome product & amazing company! Lip Balms & soap are the best anywhere. Going to try their facial products next.Try it... read more

    Cheryl B. Avatar
    Cheryl B.

    positive review All their products are homemade. I’ve been using their mature line facial products. People notice the glowing complexion on me. Love the prickly pear oil and mature skin care cream. Along with all their soaps. Bath bombs are the best I’ve found!

    Jacqueline S. Avatar
    Jacqueline S.

    positive review Amazing products that actually work! I injured my neck & hamstring right before a week-long road trip back in March. My sister and I stumbled upon the Goldfield Ghost Town leaving our first campsite & the first place we visited was the Siphon Draw Apothecary. Everything seemed too expensive for two college students, but there were samplers out so we took a look around.I was skeptical, but I tried the Bruise-eez on my neck at... read more

    Anna-Marie P. Avatar
    Anna-Marie P.
  • positive review What a great place to shop at while visiting Goldfield Ghost Town! Love the soaps! My family member loved the soap and the two bath bombs that I got her on 09/09/2019. Awesome shop you have!

    Jason W. Avatar
    Jason W.

    positive review I have been using the mature skin prickly pear cream for some time now and just love it. it only takes a little bit on your face, but I started using it on my neck and chest and noticed my chest area no longer has that "leather look"; it is smooth and youthful looking. I'll be 67 in about a week and will continue to use this face cream.

    Pat W. Avatar
    Pat W.

    positive review I have been shopping here for years and I love it!! They have everything I need. I love the teas and pure, raw honey! They are delicious, especially together!! I use the soaps, deodorant, creams and lip balms daily. I love their pain stick too! It's seriously amazing!! Colleen and the staff are super helpful. They are great with educating me on their products and helping me choose the best products for myself. It is... read more

    Jaclyn M. Avatar
    Jaclyn M.
  • positive review Siphon Draw is amazing! I used one of the Skate or Die bath bombs after day 1 of a tournament and I felt like new and refreshed for day 2!!

    Rachel I. Avatar
    Rachel I.

    positive review I broke my ankle back in March and now here we are in June and I am walking again. I have the superstition pain relief stick and it has been amazing on my ankle. Great product and communication. Natural products look forward to trying more.

    Mallory J. Avatar
    Mallory J.

    positive review Great natural products, and a lot of fun to visit.

    Donna B. Avatar
    Donna B.
  • positive review Pain stick is awesome!!! Pulled my back and nothing worked for me. Forgot had a pain stick from Colleen and i now have no more pain!! I recommend to everyone i know and everyone i dont know lol

    Diane N. Avatar
    Diane N.

    positive review Went to visit family friends in AZ and we went here and I can’t get enough of the products I love that they are natural! I love the soaps too!

    Chelsea M. Avatar
    Chelsea M.

    positive review Colleen and Siphon Draw Apothecary are the best. From there soaps to the pain balm to Wyatt Herp. The products are all natural and super high quality. Love all the good they do. My cold sores have drastically reduced and when I do get one they aren’t as severe and don’t last as long.

    Brennan G. Avatar
    Brennan G.
  • positive review just tried the pain relief stick. walked around the goldmine and in 15 minutes felt relief. decided to buy.!!!!

    Mike F. Avatar
    Mike F.

    positive review I just received my order. I ordered Rose Water and lavender body butter. They both smell heavenly. I thought something was wrong with the bottle, then I realized it was actually full. imagine that. I also got a free gift. So grateful I stumbled upon this amazing shop.

    Roxanne B. Avatar
    Roxanne B.

    positive review The pain stick is the BOMB!! I have used many natural, organic and pharmaceutical products. This Pain Relief Stick is hands down the best relief out there. My first application is all it took to notice immediate relief. Thank you so much Colleen.

    Wendi T. Avatar
    Wendi T.
  • positive review Love the Desert rain creosote salve. great for any skin condition especially if you have eczema! must have it!

    Linda S. Avatar
    Linda S.

    positive review I have been using Prickly Pear Mature Skin Cream and Prickly Pear Intensive Treatment Gel for about three months. I have less red spots, less wrinkles and the one brown spot on my face is fading. I am very happy with these products and the customer service was amazing!

    Angie G. Avatar
    Angie G.

    positive review 1 & only Apothecary I've ever been to and was an amazing experience! Friendly & educated staff, wide variety of organic products available, and you can sample the products as well. I love their jojoba oil 💚 Do yourself a favor and go check it out 👍

    Michael A. Avatar
    Michael A.
  • positive review Once again this magic cream has speeded me up. First picture is after 2 weeks of a bruise not fading. I took this first picture then a week later the second one after using this cream 3 times a day for a week ❤️ Thank you as always!

    Sara H. Avatar
    Sara H.

    positive review Colleen at Siphon Draw is awesome! I took her online bath bomb class and really enjoyed myself. The ingredients to make them were sent to me quickly and were organized nicely in the box. During the actual class she was very informative about all the ingredients and the process of making them. The kit ended up making quite a few bath bombs. They're not as pretty as the ones Colleen made of course, but not... read more

    Haley K. Avatar
    Haley K.

    positive review Love, love the Pain Relief, Chapstick's, natural & healing⚘💗💐 Thank you Colleen for being a positive influence in the Health Care industry.

    Shannon M. Avatar
    Shannon M.
  • positive review So delighted to find this incredible shop as I tumbled through Goldfield Ghost Town!! Everything my soul has been craveing as a former bee keeper and spell caster from the East coast.

    Lynne P. Avatar
    Lynne P.

    positive review I’ve been here 3 times now (from Australia) and I just adore their products. My skin loves their stuff!

    Jacq A. Avatar
    Jacq A.

    positive review I have been following on Facebook for a while and I was finally able to make it to the shop at Goldfield while it was open. I was not disappointed. I had been wanting to purchase the Desert Rain (creosote) soap and salve for my husband for a while now. He has sensitive skin so natural soaps are best for him, and he loves the scent (I knew he would). His dry hands felt better... read more

    Katherine C. Avatar
    Katherine C.
  • Their pain stick is honestly a life saver, add the beautiful soaps, delicious tea and honey, fragrant essential oils, and the fact it’s a locally owned business? I’m happy to be a lifelong customer for a business with integrity! I can trust their products and the people behind them.

    Laura K. Avatar
    Laura K.

    positive review I bought the prickly pear face oil. I LOVE it!! I’ve gotten so many compliments on my skin. Colleen was such a great help! I will definitely order more!!

    Amy L. Avatar
    Amy L.

    positive review Praying Hands Pain Ointment and Superstition Pain relief stick....Best pain reliever EVER�!! We can only get it here at Siphon Draw Apothecary in Goldfield Ghost town. Totally worth the trip!!!!!

    Jennifer S. Avatar
    Jennifer S.
  • I am so pleased to have finally made it out here! Tea, honey, soaps, skincare, and all natural remedies all borne from the desert around it without harming any animals? Yes please. The owner/soapmaker is an absolute delight, as well. Ask her about her bees ��Locals, it's worth the trek as the surrounding ghost town is good for lunch and a cup of coffee.

    Mel E. Avatar
    Mel E.

    positive review I recently purchased the new top shelf skin care line for mature skin. It is amazing and it makes your skin feel like silk. First I wash my face with the tahitian honeymoon soap and then use the top shelf products. I have tried several of the soaps, the creosote lotion is really nice for chapped hands. The lip balms are also great. You can order online or purchase at their shop in Goldfield. All... read more

    Sherry P. Avatar
    Sherry P.

    positive review Stopped in while on vacation, loving the black queen soap, creosote lotion, prickly pear oil and rose water spray!! They have done wonders for my skin, thank you!!!

    Amy L. Avatar
    Amy L.
  • positive review The prickly pear lip balm and desert rain salve make me wish everything around me was made up of prickly pears and desert rain. Can’t wait to try the rest of these goodies. LOVE this shop. Thank you!❤️❤️❤️

    Kayleigh C. Avatar
    Kayleigh C.

    Love love the Black Queen soap! It’s really made a noticeable difference in my skin �

    Kristen E. Avatar
    Kristen E.

    Review from Martha Reece in Pine, AZ (age 81): My granddaughter brought me some Bedtime Relax Lavender Tea soap, and I LOVE IT! It lathers up well and smells lovely. Leaves my skin so soft, and has been especially helpful for my elbows and heals. I'm going to need some more asap! Thank you Siphon Draw for the wonderful product.

    Destiny M. Avatar
    Destiny M.
  • Siphon Draw Apothecary has some of the best soaps and chapsticks I have ever used! Would recommend to anyone who wants high quality natural products.

    Jake H. Avatar
    Jake H.

    positive review I’ve had issues with my sensitive skin since I was a teenager. Everything seemed to make it worse or do nothing at all, I’ve been using the Desert Creosote soap on my face for roughly 4-5 weeks and for the first time in over 10 years my skin is clear, soft and looks healthy! It’s been so amazing to me, I recently bought a few more bars AND the lotion!

    Adrianne W. Avatar
    Adrianne W.

    positive review I love the Siphon Draw products. While I have attempted to source similar products locally, they are not of the same quality. Today I called to ask about the difference between two similar products and they were very helpful in assisting me to identify the better product for me. I'll be back!

    Karen L. Avatar
    Karen L.
  • positive review Nothing takes the derby funk away quite like ANY AND ALL OF THESE SOAPS! I feel so clean and my skin feels at its best when I’m using these products. Right now I’m using the honey soap for my body and black queen for my face! Can’t wait to open up the lavender one after I use up the honey one..... that one is my favorite! �

    Dora R. Avatar
    Dora R.

    If I could give 10 stars, I would! I have loved every product purchased so far and will continue with new ones. I love how responsive they are to private messages to answer my questions. I am so glad we stumbled upon Goldfield and Siphon Draw Apothecary while on vacation. I keep telling my husband that we need to go back to AZ to get more salves and lotions!!

    Sara Z. Avatar
    Sara Z.

    The Pain RELIEF Stick got me through work today! My neck was at a 10 on the pain scale today, mentioned it to a friend I work with, Genevieve, she offered me this amazing product, hardly remembered I had neck pain! Seriously! Didn't even have to reapply! I came home and told my daughter about it, she had me put it on her too in a problem spot of hers....felt the... read more

    Kimberly B. Avatar
    Kimberly B.
  • positive review I tried the Pumpkin Smash Lip Balm and love it! I am a lifelong chapstick user and am wondering what took me so long to get to this wonderful product. It keeps my lips feeling awesome for hours and smells great too.

    Brenda T. Avatar
    Brenda T.

    positive review I visited AZ this past weekend and bought a 1oz can of Pain Ointment for scar tissue and I really believe it's working I just ordered a 4oz. I also bought the Pain Relief stick but haven't tried it yet. Thank you.

    Lorri H. Avatar
    Lorri H.

    positive review I recently purchased the Immune Support Tea for my oldest son who was battling the flu and it did wonders. Amazing shop! After a year of following on Facebook I was very happy to finally be able to shop at the store.

    Rachael C. Avatar
    Rachael C.
  • positive review My mom sent me a box of soap, honey, and lip balm from you guys. I didn't get to use the balm yet, but I love the soap! The honey is great too!

    Bruce A. Avatar
    Bruce A.

    positive review Incredible products! The soaps have to be one of my families favorites. Smell so good and make you feel clean and fresh! We will be back!

    Sarah S. Avatar
    Sarah S.

    positive review I can't believe I waited so long to visit this magical place! Colleen has created SO many wonderful products that I'm going to have to visit regularly until I've tried them all!

    Janet A. Avatar
    Janet A.
  • positive review Hi!! I got a sample of your natural deodorant with lime oil in it! I really like it. It’s a little grainy but I don’t smell and I know there is a lot of good ingredients in it!!:)

    Stephanie G. Avatar
    Stephanie G.

    positive review Hi Colleen. I took my mom out there to your store yesterday. She was visiting from Montana. She just sent this text from Montana so i thought I would share. "I just gave dad his pain reliever salve n he loves it/started working almost immediately ! The bag of rice heated up in microwave he hasn’t quit using for the past hour/ has me heating it up every 20 min..loves it!!!Soooo I... read more

    Azurene R. Avatar
    Azurene R.

    positive review Smear for your rear cured my sons monkey butt over night! All natural organic ingredients and real love in all of her products and the creosote smells just like the desert rain!

    Nicky E. Avatar
    Nicky E.
  • positive review Great sage cleansing bar. I really like the Wild Herp salve too!

    Lola R. Avatar
    Lola R.

    Love this place! Products are amazing!!! Recommend everyone to stop in!

    Sherry v. Avatar
    Sherry v.

    I love their products! I was gifted a year supply of soap and found myself happily anticipating the new scent each month. I also received various trial items, from lip balm to their Desert Rain Creosote lotion. All were great quality. I also purchased their HooDoo deodorant, which I thought was a little pricey but ended up lasting far longer than I imagined it would.

    Hannah R. Avatar
    Hannah R.
  • positive review Adorable little shop and Colleen was super knowledgeable and a joy to speak with!

    Melanie R. Avatar
    Melanie R.

    positive review Excellent customer service! Amazing knowledge of their products and in general. The products they produce are unlike anything else, the pain stick is my favorite because it works so well. The soaps are also super. They smell and feel GREAT!

    JoAnn T. Avatar
    JoAnn T.

    positive review Tweaked my back today during scrimmage and applied their superstition pain relief stick and started feeling relief in no time!

    Nikki S. Avatar
    Nikki S.
  • positive review On a recent camping trip my toddler took a tumble while hiking and ended up with multiple cuts and scratches. When we got back I applied the lavender healing salve to his wounds. I'm not exaggerating they healed up within a day or two! Thank you Colleen!

    Missy F. Avatar
    Missy F.

    positive review Loved this little place! Owner and creater of products is so very sweet and took so much time out just to talk! Bought "Liquid Lizard Lips" lip balm to sample, as well as the lavender healing salve, and I love both products! Definitely going back for more!!

    Holly C. Avatar
    Holly C.

    positive review Definitely a different and interesting experience in shopping, loved it. Lots of hard to find items that are very healthy for you. My favorite is the natural honey and the soap,

    Barbara D. Avatar
    Barbara D.
  • positive review Such an amazing place with amazing people. A true gem!

    Deena N. Avatar
    Deena N.

    positive review Every time we go to Goldfield we purchase lotions and soaps. the quality is top notch and the owner is always very nice and welcoming.

    Andrea S. Avatar
    Andrea S.

    positive review Yesterday we drove 40 minutes to check this place out. Very cute and welcoming! I absolutely love the lizard lips chap stick. I haven't used my soaps yet but can't wait. The one thing that I would have loved to see, is a list of all the soaps and there benefits in the store like on the website. I'll either be back or order off the website. Thanks for your hospitality and the wonderful experience!!

    Kristy L. Avatar
    Kristy L.
  • positive review I love this little shop and the products! Looking forward to many more visits!!

    Tara V. Avatar
    Tara V.

    positive review Absolutely a great shop. My wife is very happy with the products we purchased. The staff is friendly and really go into describing their products.

    Jim S. Avatar
    Jim S.

    Have you ever had a hard time looking for all natural deodorant that DOESNT wear off in 3 hours?? Look no further. Siphon Draw has the most amazing, wonderfully smelling, super awesome all-natural Deodorant ever. I've never had deodorant that worked this effectively for me, especially after going all natural. THANK YOU SIPHON!! PS- even their soaps work wonders. I use them on my dreads from time to time and they cleanse me so well.... read more

    Alexis K. Avatar
    Alexis K.
  • positive review This trip I got amazing lip balms! Last time I got my favorite body butter. Can't live without it! Because I am vegan I love that I know her products are Organic and dairy free

    Jodi L. Avatar
    Jodi L.


    Jeff T. Avatar
    Jeff T.

    I was bound and determined to see this place after a friend shared their Facebook page with me. And I was not disappointed! The owner was so friendly and extremely knowledgeable. You could tell just by walking in that you were getting amazing, quality items. I will recommend this place to everyone traveling out this way!

    Stephanie R. Avatar
    Stephanie R.
  • positive review I wanted to write a glowing review on all the products I ordered but after reading all the other reviews, all I can say is "ditto"! Nothing more to say....thanks!

    Barbara C. Avatar
    Barbara C.

    positive review I'm a born and raised Zonie living in Hawai'i. I purchased several products, but I absolutely LOVE the Creosote Lotion and Soap! Smells just like home during a desert rain storm. The lotion helped me heal a fresh, very large tattoo. The soap has been great for my body AND face. I'm looking forward to trying more products in the future.

    Marcel L. Avatar
    Marcel L.

    positive review I love everything I've tried...which is a lot of stuff.But let me tell you about a couple of differences your products have made in this house: my 14 year old's skin is 90% clearer after using Black Queen charcoal soap for under two weeks. I didn't realize how her acne was effecting her self-esteem until it cleared up. Thank you!Aaaand, I'm off of aluminum deodorant entirely. Which is huge!The pain balm is helping the husb's... read more

    Aymee R. Avatar
    Aymee R.
  • positive review Love every product I try! Constantly finding new and effective natural remedies here. The only time my natural deodorant doesn't work is when I forget to put it on.

    Lesley M. Avatar
    Lesley M.

    positive review I love the shop! I got honey, lemongrass soap, and the blood sucker spray. I use the soap on my face morning and night, it's wonderful and gentle. The blood sicker spray is all natural so I use it on my kids and it is safer than bug spray and works great.

    Amber M. Avatar
    Amber M.

    I have been using the Organic Jojoba Oil for about a month & I love it. It's the only thing I use on my face now & this stuff last forever, no more fancy lotions for me!

    Erika R. Avatar
    Erika R.
  • positive review Love their products, the owner makes the best soaps all natural, my favorite is the honey soap. She also makes natural healing products. Colleen is awesome and loves to help people, go see her and try her products.

    Jackie E. Avatar
    Jackie E.

    positive review I have been dealing with adult acne (Rosacea) for years. After reading SDA's write up of the benefits of Creosote soap, I contacted them and asked if it was good in the treatment of Rosacea. They didn't know but much to my delight, they sent me a bar to try. I had a serious flare-up of Rosacea yesterday...angry red breakout across my cheeks and nose with tender and very sore bumps. ... read more

    Carol H. Avatar
    Carol H.

    positive review I love this shop. We met the owners as they were the ones running the shop. All of the soaps, salves and lotions are handmade by them. They use local plants etc to make the most amazing products. They offer a wide variety of lovely scents all made for a holistic approach for your health. Both owners spent as much time as I needed explaining which products would help me... read more

    Denise E. Avatar
    Denise E.
  • positive review Purchased a couple of bars of soap and a bath bomb. The bath bomb was so soothing for my headache and congestion. It also made my skin super soft. Colleen was very helpful in selecting products and very knowledgeable in natural and organic oils and soaps. Well worth visiting this wonderful shop.

    Amy C. Avatar
    Amy C.

    positive review I have known this women since we were teenagers. She pours her heart into each bar created. Try the deodorant! It keeps you not stinky

    Nikki B. Avatar
    Nikki B.

    positive review All the soaps smell so good and the lotion works reallly good!!

    Jenna P. Avatar
    Jenna P.
  • positive review My husband came out the gold field ghost town with the the fam and unfortunately i was not able to go a couple of weeks ago. But he got me this soap. Well it work and my skin looks amazing , so i had to come out to meet her and buy alot of the soap. She was blushing and happy to here i came all the way from san tan valley. Well i... read more

    Heather L. Avatar
    Heather L.

    positive review I got the Sage soap bar. And I absolutely love it. Lasts a long time. The little pieces of sage feel so good on your skin! I know that the soap was made with total care and that seriously makes all the difference. I like to smudge myself by burning sage every now and then, (along with positive thoughts) to cleanse myself to let go of any unnecessary energy. But lathering my entire body in... read more

    Raquel D. Avatar
    Raquel D.

    positive review Beautiful handmade soaps!!! So glad I stopped in!!

    Meg K. Avatar
    Meg K.
  • positive review Love the homemade soap

    Lisa S. Avatar
    Lisa S.

    positive review This magical little spot nestled in a real old-west ghost town is a hidden gem. There's a comforting vibe as you browse through local teas, local honey, and soaps and body products that are made on site from organic, local ingredients. Colleen is a wealth of knowledge and a pleasure to visit with. I really love siphon draw apothecary. ♡♡♡

    Ginger M. Avatar
    Ginger M.

    positive review Beautiful picture! BEST OF LUCK!

    Penny K. Avatar
    Penny K.
  • positive review The honey is by far the best I've ever eaten. Absolutely delicious. I have used about 8 different soaps and every single one is magnificent. I use the lip balm everyday and it has kept my lips moisturized all winter and I'm in New Jersey where it gets really cold and dry over the winter months. I cannot rave enough about the products and about the owner and her endless wealth of knowledge... read more

    Angela C. Avatar
    Angela C.

    positive review If you need to make changes in your food choices and routines to live a healthier, more comfortable, and longer life, talk to Colleen. She will get you on the right path.

    Ginger M. Avatar
    Ginger M.

    I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND, to anyone, to use Siphon Draw Nutrition. About a year ago, I started working with Colleen to improve my health through nutrition. I have a rare inflammatory disease, and I wanted to try to control it more by controlling my diet. I was overwhelmed, and had no idea where to begin. I'd be lying if I said there weren't a few times I cried in the grocery store due to the... read more

    Kathleen M. Avatar
    Kathleen M.
  • Colleen has been in my life as a friend for almost 15 years. She became my nutritional consultant in 2017. It was a very low point for me. I was obese, unhealthy, and unhappy. I followed her advice about diet and had noticeable results. But there was so much more than weight loss. She incorporated a whole lifestyle change to include supplements for balance. That really seems to... read more

    Destiny M. Avatar
    Destiny M.

    Colleen has changed my life in big ways and all for the better. Her hands on, tailored approach really catered to my individual needs and circumstances. Her passion for and commitment to nutrition, well-being, and helping others is clear from the start, which inspires trust and confidence in her methods. Because of working with Colleen, I now have the ability to improve my health conditions using a nutrition-based, holistic approach. I went from having painful... read more

    Lesley/Wendy Avatar

    When I contacted Colleen, my son was having constant headaches, stomachaches, diarrhea, dark circles under his eyes as well as loss of appetite. Colleen walked me through the process, made recommendations for what would be best for my son and continued to help after his results came in. She gave me insight on what supplements to give him that would help heal his gut as well as what kinds of foods to use as substitutes... read more

    Meghan C. Avatar
    Meghan C.



  • Not only is Colleen extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and the benefits of holistic treatment, but she is one of the most awesome coaches I have ever met. I put off meeting with her because of my past experiences with Doctors and Nutritionists. I wish now I had worked with her sooner. I cannot say enough positive things about her. If you are on the fence, let me tell you to just jump over! You will not regret it and you will begin a journey to a better, healthier life.

    - Betsy


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