Consultation with Colleen


Let’s meet to go over your health goals!


Let’s meet to go over your health goals!

Meet with Colleen, One on One, using ZOOM for a virtual consult.

Whats Included: 

One on One Zoom Education Call with recommendations

Personalized Recommendations are created using  your health history, food journal & your health goals discussed in our One-on-One Zoom

Weekly Check In with Colleen for 4 weeks via Mobile App Messenger or Email

*Access to Community Mobile App for 2 months

What’s included in the Community Mobile App:

First Step Recommendations: Meal Plan, Holistic Lifestyle, Herb & Herbal Teas, Supplement Protocol

10% Off Medical Grade Supplements

10% Off SDA Organic Skincare

Weekly Live Events – Q & A’s, Recipes  and Demonstrations

Connect and share with other clients of mine