First Step Program with Colleen


Let’s meet to go over your health goals!

Whats Included: 

Five Weeks – One week of discovery followed by four weeks of support that include two one on one zoom meetings. See schedule below.

Unlimited text and emails are encouraged so I can support you if you have any questions.

First Step Recommendations: Holistic Nutrition Plan, Holistic Lifestyle, Herb & Herbal Teas, Supplement Protocol

10% Off Medical Grade Supplements

10% Off SDA Organic Skincare

What to Expect: 

Discovery Exchange:

First we will meet to discuss your goals and begin to exchange the information needed to create a plan. Once you share your health history and goals I will create my holistic nutrition recommendations for you. Then we will meet again for our first zoom call to go over your personalized recommendations.

Week One:

One on One Zoom Education Call with recommendations

*Personalized Recommendations are created using  your health history, food journal & your health goals discussed in our One-on-One Zoom

Week Two and Three:

Unlimited emails and Text, Stay in touch and let me know how I can help you implement recommendations.

Week Four:

Check In Call on Zoom to see how you are doing and to determine if we need to add any other recommendations.